Affiliate Information

People who are neither students or employees of Iowa State University may still be eligible to receive an ISUCard, as long as they are "affiliated" with the University in some way. This affiliation can be as a visiting scholar, scientist, or researcher, or as a spouse or domestic partner of a student, faculty, or staff person, or as an Alumni Association member. If you fit into one of these categories, you must complete one of the forms described in the following paragraphs.

Visiting scholars, scientists, or researchers must complete a Non ISU Data Base Input Form to receive an ISUCard. These individuals need to complete the personal information on the top half of the form. The bottom portion should then be completed and signed by the ISU department they are associated with, including the fund account number to charge the card to.

Spouses or domestic partner of students, faculty, and staff need to complete the Spouse/Dependent/Domestic Partner Card Input Form and provide proof of marriage or partnership. This can be verified by showing the ISUCard Office one of following documents listing both partners' names: Marriage Certificate, Medical Insurance Card, or Tax Returns. Dependents also complete the above mentioned form and need to present either a birth certificate, medical insurance card, or tax returns showing their name as the dependent of the student, faculty, or staff member.

If you are a current member of the Alumni Association and want to purchase a card to allow admittance to the Lied Recreation Center or Parks Library, you must complete the ISU Alumni Association Member ISUCard Form and provide your current Alumni Association membership card.

A person requesting an ISUCard may also be a part of an organization that has set up a contract with the ISUCard Office to allow their employees to receive an ISUCard. These organizations such as the ISU Foundation, the ISU Research Park, USDA, and the Iowa State Center have set up a contact person within their facility to submit the names and personal information for their employees. These individuals should work with their actual employer to receive an ISUCard instead of using the Non ISU Data Base Input Form.

To be eligible for an ISUCard, simply print out the appropriate form with the requested information, and then bring it into the ISUCard Office, 0530 Beardshear Hall. Your information will then be added to the Affiliate Database, your photograph will be taken, and you will receive an ISUCard. There is an annual fee of $15 which runs with the fiscal year, and is either paid by the individual, their department, or the organization associated with the University.