What is CyCash?

CyCash is another feature of the ISUCard. It is a secure, online system that can be used to make small dollar purchases on campus. The maximum amount that can be added to CyCash is $50. Use of the ISUCard's CyCash feature is voluntary.

How do I put money into my CyCash account?

Simply add money to your CyCash account by using AccessPlus on the university's web site. You can charge up to $50 on your University Bill to add value to your CyCash account.

Does my CyCash account expire?

Only if you don't have any activity in your CyCash account for a year, or upon termination of the CyCash program.

How do I use CyCash to make purchases?

You can pay for goods and services with CyCash at a variety of campus locations, including the Department of Residence C-stores, dining centers, and laundry facilities. Purchases are made by swiping the ISUCard through a reader. This will deduct the amount of your purchase from your CyCash account and indicate your CyCash balance.