Welcome to the ISUCard Office 


 Lose your ISUCard over the weekend?

We do not have weekend pick up hours. Your hall desk should have temporary access cards they can check out to you for use to get in to the building until you are able to make it in to pick up your ISUCard. Once you get your ISUCard you will need to return your access card to your hall desk as soon as possible. 

 Do NOT store your ISUCard on the back of your phone!!

We have seen an influx of ISUCards deactivated due to storage on mobile devices. The main source of deactivation comes from wireless phone chargers however, ISUCards have been deactivated in the absence of wireless phone chargers as well. The best place to store your ISUCard is in a wallet when not in use. There is a $25 fee for replacement if damage to the ISUCard has been caused by improper storage or non normal wear.

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University Holidays 

  • University Holidays:
    • Memorial Day - May 30th: CLOSED
    • Independence Day: July 4th: CLOSED

A face mask is encouraged if not fully vaccinated. Please respect social distancing while waiting and do not come in if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 for the safety of our staff and the ISU community. 

To stay up to date on the latest university decisions regarding COVID-19 please visit our safety page Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

***Please check back before stopping in as these office hours are subject to change at a moments notice.***