What is the ISUCard and why do I need it?

The ISUCard is your student identification and access card. It carries your university identification number and photo. It verifies your status as an ISU student and provides access to university facilities and services, such as the State Gym/Lied Recreation Athletic Facilities and CyRide. The ISUCard is your library card. If you have a residence hall meal plan, the ISUCard serves as your dining hall pass. It is your building access card, which permits entry to residence halls, campus buildings, and campus gates. Optional services allow you to use your ISUCard as an ATM and PIN based debit card.

How do I get the ISUCard?

In Room 0530 Beardshear Hall you will complete an ISUCard application and provide a State or Federal issued photo ID such as a Passport, Drivers License, Non-Driver Photo ID, Learners Permit, Military ID, or Tribal Card. You will also have your photo taken and establish your university AccessPlus password if needed. Take care in choosing passwords so others cannot easily determine them.

How do I make my ISUCard my ATM card?*

Your ISUCard can be your ATM card if you open or currently have a checking account with U.S. Bank. The ATM feature will turn your ISUCard in to a shopping card, which can be used at merchants where you see the Plus or Interlink symbols displayed. The ATM feature is optional, but available only to U.S. Bank account holders.

What is CyCash?

CyCash is another feature of the ISUCard. It is a secure, online system that can be used to make small dollar purchases on campus. The maximum amount that can be added to CyCash is $50. Use of the ISUCard's CyCash feature is voluntary.

How do I put money into my CyCash account?

Simply add money to your CyCash account by using AccessPlus on the University's Web site. You can charge up to $50 on your University Bill to add value to your CyCash account.

Does my CyCash account expire?

Only if you don't have any activity in your CyCash account for a year, or upon termination of the CyCash program.

How do I use CyCash to make purchases?

You can pay for goods and services with CyCash at a variety of campus locations, including Memorial Union Food Court. The Department of Residence accepts CyCash in their C-Stores, laundry facilities, and dining centers. Purchases are made by swiping the ISUCard through a reader. This will deduct the amount of your purchase from your CyCash account and indicate your CyCash balance.

What if I lose my ISUCard?

Immediately report the loss of your ISUCard in AccessPlus under ISU ID's. Once you report your card as lost or stolen it will never be an active card again.  You will be required to purchase a replacement to have a functioning card. The ISUCard Office deactivates lost or stolen cards when a new card is purchased. A replacement card will be issued for a $25 fee. If you lose your ISUCard, your CyCash account can be frozen and then accessed with a replacement card.

What if my ISUCard and/or Access Card is broken or not working properly?

Take both your current ISUCard and Access Card with you to the ISUCard Office (0530 Beardshear Hall) and it will be determined if a free replacement is needed.

How should I protect my ISUCard?

The magnetic stripe on the back of the ISUCard is your key to university, banking, and CyCash services. The magnetic stripe can be rendered useless if scratched or held near a magnet. Do not allow anyone to punch holes in or put stickers on your ISUCard. Wireless phone chargers will deactivate the RFID chip in your card. If you use a wireless phone charger you will be unable to store your card in a phone wallet or a phone sleeve. Do not write your university password on the card.

Where can I call if I have questions about the ISUCard and CyCash?

Call the ISUCard office at (515) 294-2727.

*Iowa State University chose U.S. Bank as its partner to offer students, faculty and staff the option to add banking functionality to the ISUCard. ISU receives financial support from U.S. Bank in the form of marketing funds, royalties, card stock, and other compensation to offset costs otherwise incurred by the school. Students, faculty and staff are not required to open an account with U.S. Bank to receive or use the ISUCard for other campus services. The university partnership with U.S. Bank was formed after a competitive selection process (U.S. Bank Agreement). Questions about the University’s partnership with U.S. Bank may be directed to the ISUCard Office at 515-294-2727 or by email to idcard@iastate.edu.