What is the ISU Card?

It's your student/faculty/staff ID card The ISUCard carries your university ID number and photo. Your university ID number is not the same as your social security number, though some university departments may request your social security number.

It's your identification card

The ISUCard verifies your status as an ISU student, faculty or staff member and provides access to university services and facilities, such as AccessPlus and the State Gym/Lied Recreation Athletic Facilities.

It's your access card

The ISUCard is your building access card, which permits entry through the campus gates, campus buildings, and residence halls. For questions, contact Building Access Services at (515) 294-8640 or visit their web site http://www.fpm.iastate.edu/buildingaccess/

It's your library card

The ISUCard is your passport to ISU Library services.

It's your ATM card

You have enough to worry about in college without having to stress out about your finances. U.S. Bank makes it simple. Open an optional U.S. Bank checking account with great student benefits and turn your ISUCard into your Campus ID and ATM/Debit Card -- all in one. We've made it easy for you to manage your money with a great checking account for students. Learn more about U.S. Bank!

U.S. Bank and Iowa State University Agreement

U.S. Bank ATM Campus Location Map

It's your shopping card

Lighten the load a little with U.S. Bank. Access your U.S. Bank Checking account by using your ISUCard as your U.S. Bank ATM and PIN-based debit card. Plus, use your ISUCard anywhere PIN debit is accepted at participating merchants. Whether you're at the gas pump or the grocery store, simply swipe your card through the reader, select "debit," and enter your ATM PIN code. After you approve the amount to be paid, the total will be debited from your checking account. Check with your favorite local retailers to find out if they accept PIN debit.

It's access to your CyCash account

Cardholders can activate their CyCash account through AccessPlus by depositing up to a total of $50, by charging their University Bill. By activating the CyCash account, your ISUCard acts just like money and can be used at a variety of on-campus locations, such as the Memorial Union Food Court, Department of Residence C-Stores, Laundry Facilities, and Dining Facilities.

It's your future

Your ISUCard services will only continue to grow.

It's your responsibility

The security of your ISUCard is important. You should report the loss of your ISUCard immediately in AccessPlus under ISU ID's.  Once you report your card as lost or stolen it will never be an active card again.  You will be required to purchase a replacement to have a functioning card. The ISUCard Office deactivates lost or stolen cards when a new card is purchased. Unauthorized use of your ISUCard could result in some liability. There is a $25 fee to replace your ISUCard.


If you have questions about the ISUCard or want to find out how to receive your ISUCard and begin enjoying its convenience and versatility, contact the ISUCard Office at (515) 294-2727.


U.S. Bank and Iowa State University Agreement

Iowa State University chose U.S. Bank as its partner to offer students, faculty and staff the option to add banking functionality to the ISUCard. ISU receives financial support from U.S. Bank in the form of marketing funds, royalties, card stock, and other compensation to offset costs otherwise incurred by the school. Students, faculty and staff are not required to open an account with U.S. Bank to receive or use the ISUCard for other campus services. The university partnership with U.S. Bank was formed after a competitive selection process (U.S. Bank and Iowa State University Agreement). Questions about the University’s partnership with U.S. Bank may be directed to the ISUCard Office at 515-294-2727 or by email to idcard@iastate.edu